Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Rainbow Promise

Last night my Facebook feed turned from hate and fear to hope. 

It was a Wednesday night in June. A year ago tomorrow when a white man walked into a Bible Study in downtown Charleston and killed 9 African-Americans because of their race.

It is weighing heavily on me this week and most of Charleston, especially as we send love to Orlando. My shoulders have ached with the strain of all of those souls lost. I was at an African-American church downtown last night for a meeting and drove home in a rainstorm. The tears of so many.
Mother Emanuel with rainbow behind. Photo credit: The Post and Courier

As we pulled in the neighborhood, it was still raining but the sun came out. My son immediately started looking for the rainbow. He said "There has to be a rainbow Mom. We have to find it." As we pulled in the cul-de-sac, there it was, a huge rainbow to the east, the direction that we had come from, the direction where Mother Emanuel stands. We jumped out of car and marveled at the beauty of it. I was enjoying the moment and didn't get a picture but I came inside and found my Facebook and Instagram feeds filled with pictures of the rainbow.

All of Charleston had stopped to see it and others had felt the same message of hope that we did.

This week, I remember the victims of Mother Emanuel and the stories of hope that have come from this awful tragedy. Two Episcopal churches have come together to "Gather Around the Table" and have weekly discussions about social justice and race, and form relationships. What was going to be 6 weeks has turned into more than 8 months of gathering. Congress may finally be talking about doing something to stop selling assault rifles. And voices are speaking loudly to support the LGBTQ community and their need for sanctuaries.

I choose to love and to hope.

What stories of hope have you seen? Please share links in the comments.

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  1. That's wonderful, Andrea! So glad to have a little hope in my FB feed (from you!) today as well :)