Thursday, June 9, 2016

I saw God today...She was at Costco

In February, I posted on my Facebook wall....

I saw God today. She was at Costco and said with love and support radiating from her face “You are a good mom.” I was not particularly feeling like a good mom at that moment at the ninth stop of the day and ketchup smeared across my daughter’s face from eating lunch on the run. She was screaming that she wasn’t ready to leave because she wanted to sit on the couch display “one more time.” But the gift this stranger gave me with those words let me take a deep breath, re-prioritize my day and say a sincere “Thank you” in return. She shrugged and said “we all need a little encouragement.” Isn’t that the truth?

It was one of the most interacted posts that I have ever had. People connect with compassion. They connect with altruism. It is easy to get cynical and say that everyone is out for themselves in today's society. That we are all too busy looking at our phones to notice people that need help. 

Today I challenge you to look for someone who can use some encouragement. It could be the frazzled mom or a lonely person on a park bench or the cashier that looks like she has had a long shift. We all need a little encouragement!


  1. You are already applying the info you got in Alexandria and working to connect. Good job.

  2. They're easy to handle, transport and move around the shop. Some woodworkers with tight spaces will actually stow them away under their benches, in a corner or even in a saws