Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Growing up and letting go

Learning the balancing act of letting go and hanging on

I have a dear friend visiting this week with her family. On Monday, we spent the day on the beach and my now 7 year old son, immediately took off into the waves and didn't look back. He spent hours boogie boarding and kept going farther out. 

The protective mom in me really wanted him to come back in so he was in touching distance but the proud mom in me was jumping up and down at the independence he has gained and all the new things he is not afraid of when he used to be so tentative.

Shoreline on Kiawah Island. photo credit:
The waves on Kiawah are very gentle, it stays shallow for a long way out, and I made him wear a life jacket so I am maybe not the independent mom of the year but it was a big step for me. When my son was 1 or 2, we were at Chick-fil-a with my friend Heidi. I was worried about him going down the slide and she gave me side eyes and made me let him go down (thanks Heidi!). She taught me that I can't protect them forever (but maybe a little bubble wrap to cushion the fall).

This is my child that once was going to get on a chair and got back down to secure it saying "safety first." Another time he was climbing on the stair railing and I said "Please be careful" and he responded "Mom, I am always careful." (and he was right) I always assumed I would need to push him into the waves so watching him dive in with reckless abandon was refreshing to my body and soul.

I was thinking about St. Francis while sitting on the beach. I am learning how to let go there to. I think of it as my baby but it isn't. It is all of ours...those that were there the first Sunday, those that have found us along our journey, and those that will walk in our doors for years to come. I was senior warden for almost three years. I am very happy to have passed that on to an amazing woman that is doing a great job. It has helped me see the church from a different perspective.

Cartoon by Jay Sidebotham
We are currently looking at changing up some things that will shift who we are. I think they will be good changes but it is hard to let go of the past and who we were. I love our Funeral Home Church and the lessons that we are learning by being a nomad community of faith. I hope that we will hang on to those in whatever we become as we dive into our own waves. As churches, it is easier to sit on the beach and enjoy God's beauty around us but until we let go and get in the water, we are just waiting.

I know that as a parent and in my church work there will be a continual give and take of letting go and hanging on. But for now I am walking the line quite happily.


  1. The hardest thing is learning when to let go no matter what type of church you're in. Thanks for the reminder to step back from my own ministries a bit so other can move in and so I change my perspective.

  2. It is so soothing and calming to come to this page and read about splendid convictions and beliefs. i really like visiting here so dont forget to update once in a while